Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Internet App for RDF Mobile hunt (Powered by Google)

BCRadioSport is developing an application for the mobile RDF fox-hunt using the Google APIs. There will be 2 apps developed (one interactive with full functionality of the Google Maps, and second one for mobile devices with static map generation, non-interactive).  More details to follow.Here is how UI on the second one looks like.

Upcoming events:

Oct-31-2010 (Sun) —> 11:00AM —> 2m Band RDF practice —> Central Park in Burnaby —> on-foot (5TXs hidden)

Nov-14-2010 (Sun) —> 9:00AM —> 2m band Mobile RDF exercise —> Robert Burnaby Park (start location) —> 1 TX hidden in the Lower Mainland area

Nov-28-2010 (Sun) —> 11:00AM —> 2m band RDF practice —> Robert Burnaby Park —> on-foot (5TXs hidden)



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