Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Back home and already in action - 2m band fox-hunt

BCRadioSport, in cooperation with VE7SAR club and in support of DARS’s COMFEST 2010, held a 2m band fox-hunt in Watershed Park in Delta BC, on SATURDAY OCT 2, 2010.

Final results:

Novice Category - looking for 3 TXs:
1st place - Ian Saari from GVOC (Great Vancouver Orienteering Club) - 3 TX found - 1h 05min 40sec
2nd place - Jay VE7CDG from DARS (Delta Amateur Radio Society) - 2 TX found - 2h 23min 55sec
3rd place - Thomas Nippen from GVOC  (Great Vancouver Orienteering Club) - 1 TX found - 1h 37min 31sec

Advanced Category - looking for 5 TXs:
1st place - Jan VA7VJ from SARC (Surrey Amateur Radio Club) - 4 TX found - 1h 57min 31sec
2nd place - Alex VA7ACG from MRARC (Maple Ridge Amateur Radio Club) - 2 TX found - 2h 23min 53sec
3rd place - Keith VE7MID from BARC (Burnaby Radio Amateur Radio Club) - 1 TX found - 1h 55min 20sec

Also BCRadioSport was present at he ComFest on Sunday OCT 3, 2010.

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