Sunday, August 15, 2010

Few questions to Les VA7OM (by Amel VA7KBA)

Last year, about this time, during the SARC fox hunt in Surrey, I met Les. He came and introduced himself to everybody. He was asking about fox-hunting gear and I could "smell" someone who used to do the fox-hunting in the past. He tried VK3YNG MK4 (2m band) receiver. I didn't see him for a while until beginning of this year when he visited our another fox-hunt event. He showed even more interest in what BCRadioSport has been doing in Lower Mainland, BC. Les lives in Maple Ridge and belongs to the local radio club. He was so enthusiastic as he started talking about how he built 80m receiver, a prototype and how he wanted to try it. At that moment it was clear that Les was the person to recruit for not only the BCRadioSport mission but also for Team Canada which was just forming for the 15th ARDF World Championship. I asked him to join us and he accepted it. I am so glad Les is member of the team as he has shown (even after so many years not competing) that he is still a true champion. He is a super nice guy, very approachable and with excellent technical knowledge.

Recently I asked Les a few questions:

1. When did you start doing ARDF? Who introduced you into ARDF?
"In 1966/67. First I became interested when I saw an article in a magazine about fox hunting. It was in my native Slovakia. I was then 15 years old. But I learned the sport later when I joined the local radioclub OK3KTP in 1966. The radioclub was preparing a local 80m foxhunting competition. I joined the foxhunt with a borrowed receiver. The receiver was not working properly, I heard only one fox and could not find the direction as the sensing antenna was not working. That time I decided that I will build a better receiver."

2. Why do you like doing ARDF?
"I like ARDF because it is challenging – requires constant improvement of receivers, tactics, physical condition, work with maps, as well as building transmitting equipment and antennas. Doing ARDF I meet lots of new friends that have the same hobby. In Slovakia after first two courses (80m and 2m) we were running the third course – drinking contest and partying, and there we had lots of fun."

3. As a team Canada member what experience do you expect from upcoming World ARDF Championship in Croatia ?
"I hope to find all 3 foxes in my category and get back within the time limit. The competition will be very strong so I expect to end-up somewhere in the second half. I am looking forward to see some of my old friends that we were competing together as well as to meet new ones. I hope that this is better. I am working on my new 80m receiver and hopefully will finish it for the Victoria foxhunt."

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