Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Day 3 - Competition day and awarding

Taking the competitors to the start location early in the morning.

At the start location - getting ready for the running.

Start list - indicating the time and the groups (10 people per group). Competitions were held on both 2m and 80m bands. For M40 competition was on 80m, and for M50 and M60 competition was on 2m band.

At the finish location.

Team Canada supporters at the finish location.

Amel VA7KBA arriving at the finish. He started in one of the early groups and managed to find all foxes.

Joe VE7BFK, also arriving and started in the early group.

After punching at the finish we were all given a printed result of the hunt with all splits.

John VE7GED arriving with the cheering support.

Les VA7OM sprinting to the finish line.

While we were discussing the results Nick Roethe was still in the field on his 2m fox-hunt.

Amel's brother Jasenko with Les VA7OM and his wife Sonja.

Complete results from the competition can be found at:

Ready to go back to the hotel.

Back at the hotel - enjoying the view and a beautiful day.


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