Friday, September 10, 2010

Few questions to John VE7GED, member of the Team Canada in ARDF

With a small delay but still right in time, before the official start of the 15th World ARDF Championship in Opatija (Croatia), I would like to give you more info about John VE7GED. He is probably the most modest team member but yet very knowledgeable in many many areas. Easy to talk to and always something new to learn from him. I asked him same questions...

When did you start doing ARDF? Who introduced you into ARDF?
I first became aware of ARDF in 1993 when the Friendship Amateur Radio Games (FRG93) were held in Victoria. Prior to that I had never heard of ARDF or of Radio Games (Radiosports). I watched some demonstrations and tried out some equipment. I was immediately attracted to the sport. I assisted in the set up of the ARDF contest in Victoria for FRG93.

Why do you like doing ARDF?

For me, ARDF is an ideal combination of physical, analytical and perceptual skills. One needs to operate the radio equipment, listen to and analyze the received information, read the map, move through the landscape, plan ahead geographically, develop and execute a strategy, maintain a good degree of situational awareness and carefully manage time. And do all of these things at the same time!

As a team Canada member what experience do you expect from upcoming World ARDF Championship in Croatia?
I am expecting to learn how a serious World Championship ARDF contest is conducted. My experience up to this point has been with local and regional contests with an emphasis on enjoyment and international goodwill rather than pure competition. I hope that my experience at this level of competition will enable me to assist in organizing future competitions in Canada and perhaps to act as a referee or course official in future ARDF contests. My personal goal in Croatia is to complete the course within the assigned time limit and not get lost.

By Amel (VA7KBA)

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