Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Few questions to Amel VA7KBA (by Matthew VE7UDP)

Every few weekends, enthusiasts from around Greater Vancouver (British Columbia) converge in local parks to sharpen their radio orienteering skills by hunting down hidden radio transmitters, and Amel is always one of them. To Amel VA7KBA, fox hunting is a sport that challenges the mind and body. Amel started hidden radio finding in his youth in his home country of Bosnia. Amel wanted to share his passion and his skills so he recently formed an ARDF group BCRadioSport whose mission is to promote the sport and develop radio direction finding skills in BC. He was heading to Victoria to do practice with the FARS Canada group there but wanted to see more people in the Lower Mainland pursuing the hobby.

1. When did you start doing ARDF? Who introduced you into ARDF?
"I started fox-hunting when I was seven. My father Almas (E71W, ex.T91W, 4N4DA, 4N4WF, YU4DA) took me to the national ARDF YU competition in 1979. He gave me an 80m sniffer and said I was going to compete, and then explained how the hunt was supposed to be done. I found all 3 foxes and finished 7th although I was the youngest competitor in that category."

2. Why do you like doing ARDF?
"Technology is one of my passions. I like being around technology. I also like being outdoors. What better way to do both things at the same time?”. “Each fox hunt is a new experience, hiding stations is different – each hiding spot has unique challenges and there’s always something new to learn. Also social aspect – meeting other people while playing with technology is very important to me too”.

3. As a team Canada member what experience do you expect from upcoming World ARDF Championship in Croatia?
"Meeting friends and people from all over the world. Gathering information on how to organize a big ARDF competition (Vancouver will be host in 2013 for IARU Region II ARDF Championship). Competing and doing my best to represent the country."

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