Sunday, August 29, 2010

Few questions to Nick Roethe, new member of the Team Canada in ARDF

When did you start doing ARDF? Who introduced you into ARDF?
"Since I was a kid I have been an active homebrewer, always looking for things to build or improve. Six years ago at a ham-fair I bought a PLL-circuit and thought 'this would be nice for a portable radio or maybe ARDF receiver'. So I read a book on foxhunting, built what I thought was a good receiver, and, to try it out, went to my first foxhunt. It was a desaster! But it was also fun and I got a lot of encouragement from experienced ARDFers, so I stuck with it and gradually improved my equipment and my technique. From the beginning I published all my ARDF designs on the Internet, and they are now very popular homebrew projects in Europe."

Why do you like doing ARDF?
"I like building things. I like being in the nature. I love the excitement of searching and finding hidden transmitters. And it is always fun to spend time with other ARDFers, because they are as crazy as I am."

As a team Canada member what experience do you expect from upcoming World ARDF Championship in Croatia?
"I feel very honored that I have been invited to be a member of Team Canada. Realistically I have no chance to get close to a medal. So I see this more as a social event, a chance to meet old friends from all over the world and to make new ones. This is my first World Championship, so I am very much looking forward to the experience. And although I will not be world champion, I will definitely challenge my American friends and my German training partners."

                                                                By Amel Krdzalic - VA7KBA

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