Saturday, August 14, 2010

Meet the Team - Les Tocko - VA7OM

Les was a Czechoslovakian and European champion in multiple categories, as an individual and in team competitions. He is also an active promoter and teacher of Radio Direction Finding skills in Maple Ridge BC area. His excellent technical building skills have produced high quality equipment for radio direction finding. Les will be competing in M60 category.

Past results:
(No competitions between 1975 and present)

1974, Czechoslovakian National Competition, 2m, 1st place.
1973, Czechoslovakian Regional Competition, 80m 1st place, 2m 3rd place
1973, Czechoslovakian National Championship, 80m 1st place
1973, European Championship, Hungary, groups, 80m 1st place
1972, Czechoslovakian Regional Competition, 2m 3rd place
1972, Czechoslovakian National Competition, 80m 10th place, 2m 1st place
1972, Slovakian Championship, 80m 5th place, 2m 1st place.
1971, Czechoslovakian National Competition, 80m 10th place, 2m 2nd place
1971, Czechoslovakian National Competition,80m 1st place, 2m 1st place
1971, Czechoslovakian National Championship, 80m 3rd place, 2m 2nd place
1970, Czechoslovakian Regional Competition, 80m 1st place, 2m 3rd place
1970, Czechoslovakian Regional Competition, 80m 5th place, 2m 2nd place
1970, Czechoslovakian National Competition, 80m 1st place, 2m 7th place
1970, International Competition Germany – groups, 80m 2nd place, 2m 3rd place
1969, Czechoslovakian Regional Competition, Brno, 80m 3rd place
1969, Czechoslovakian National Competition, 80m 3rd place, 2m 7th place
1969, International Competition, Austria, 2m 12th place
1968, Czechoslovakian National Competition, 80m 4th place, 2m 5th place
1967, Czechoslovakian Regional Competition, 80m 2nd place
1967, Third Czechoslovakian National Competition, 80m 7th place

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