Saturday, August 14, 2010

Meet the Team - Valeri Geuorguiev - VE2UMS

Valeri has been active in the Montreal Amateur Radio club (VE2UMS). He has increased ARDF activities recently by contributing a design for a 2m ARDF receiver that was then constructed as a club project so that there are now a couple dozen equipped to participate in ARDF. Valeri will be representing Canada in M50 category.

Past results:
2010, 10th USA ARDF, International Category M50, 2m band, 3rd place.
2010, 10th USA ARDF, International Cat M50, 80m band, 2nd place.
2009, 9th USA ARDF & 5th IARU Region 2 ARDF, Cat M40, 2m band, 7th place
2008, 8th USA ARDF, International Cat M40, 2m band, 1st place
2008, 8th USA ARDF, International Cat M40, 80m band, 4st place
1977, First European ARDF, Scopje, ex.Yugoslavia, 80m band, 5th place
1976, Bulgarian National ARDF, 80m band, 2nd place
1976, Bulgarian National ARDF, 2m band, 2nd place

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  1. Hi Valeri,
    Looking forward to seeing you again in Croatia.
    Jerry Boyd WB8WFK